Sunday, April 02, 2017


Access Copyright represents over 11,000 Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers. They license the copying of their repertoire of work to educational institutions, businesses, governments and others. The proceeds gathered when content is copied, remixed and shared are passed along to the copyright-holders.

If you publish your writing in print in long or short form and/or publish your images in print, you must register as an affiliate creator to earn your share of this pot of money every year. 
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For two months, every April and May, Access Copyright's Payback portal is open for creators to list their published, copyrighted works for a previous year (or years) and make a claim for a share of the money available. In the fall, Access Copyright pays the authors, freelance writers, and photographers who have done so.

It's worth doing, if only for your work published in print, but this brings me to a pet peeve of mine.

I've been publishing my work since 1995 when it was all in print. However in the past decade, online markets have exploded and digital publication is not recognized by Access Copyright's Payback. Electronic articles and books form the greatest percentage of my livelihood as a writer/photographer and so my Payback sum has dwindled steadily of the past fifteen years.

For example, in 2015, my print articles in magazines and newspapers amounted to 11 with 21 pages in total. Online I had over 25 articles published with over 100 page equivalents.

But the biggest contrast can be seen in my published images in the articles: only 19 were in print, but 152 were online with NO Payback!

We live in a visual, connected world, and most of my publications reside in this medium — the Internet. Why am I not compensated equally for my print and digital creations?