Sunday, October 23, 2016

Losing Interest in Your Book

I go through a phase I heartily detest when I'm writing a book. After I've finished the first draft, I start losing interest about one third into the revision process. My self-talk gets negative, "This book is boring. My writing is awful. Why should I bother any more?" It happens with every book I write.

Now, I recognize this phase for what it is. But it thoroughly scares writers the first time it occurs. I assure you—it's common and normal. It too will pass!

I've learned to view this mental slump as a signal of exhaustion with the book. My answer is to take a complete a break from the manuscript, indeed from all writing if I can. I have to stop not only tinkering with my manuscript, but also stop thinking about it. It takes me a good two weeks to achieve this.

I try to plan a vacation for the time I expect my motivation to plummet and I leave my laptop behind. If I can't go away, I fill my time at home—decorate a room or play a lot of golf. This solution works for me every time and I return to the book full of ideas, high motivation, and energy. Try it!

© Julie H. Ferguson 2016