Wednesday, January 01, 2014



A while back I invited a writing colleague and friend who is an accountant to help writers by writing a post for The Beacon Blog. The timing was wrong then, but now it's perfect. Eileen got me on the right track many years ago and her advice has been a god-send. Writers need to start the tax year off with good habits and not wait to haul out shoeboxes of receipts in April — now is the time to get organized so your 2014 tax prep will be a breeze in 2015.  

I'm proud to welcome Eileen who wants your input before her first post about the business end of writing in February.

I’m an accountant who has a soft spot for writers because I’m a writer too. I am preparing a post for The Beacon Blog for Writers in February to assist writers in preparing for tax time. Why so early? Because we should organize ourselves at the start of each tax year and not at the end. Makes life easier ...

Taxpayers, including writers, can figure out what receipts to keep by reading the CRA guides about self-employment. What most taxpayers don’t have a handle on is how to organize their paperwork from January 1 every year to minimize the cost and/or time of tax preparation in the following year.

I plan on writing a post about how to keep writers' financial records. The reason is because keeping records is really about keeping more of your money.  

So ... I’m interested in your input as a writerwhat questions do you need answered? 

Please submit them to this blog using the Comments section and address them to Dear TaxDetective. This is your opportunity to learn about keeping more of your money. Who knows, in the process, you may find a way to pay less tax!

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Eileen Reppenhagen is a CGA, and a Certified ProAdvisor for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  She writes about and coaches people, including writers, who are interested in keeping proper records to minimize the cost of tax preparation.