Friday, September 27, 2013


Writers need to keep up with the publishing industry and keep learning the craft. Reputable blogs can be lifesavers for this if you don't belong to a writers' group or you are unable to get to conferences and workshops.

I used Google Reader for several years to facilitate following about fifty blogs that I trust. When it closed in July, I was bereft. I had to find an alternative because Google Reader saved me so much time each day.

I'm happy today to recommend that Feedly has filled the gap superbly. I've test-driven it for two months to gather all the new posts each day in one place where I can scan the abstracts quickly. Not only that, the sharing mechanism to multiple social media is flawless and simple, and Feedly has apps for iPhones and Androids.

My Feedly page: In the left column are the categories of blogs I follow;
centre shows the abstracts of new posts.
Once you are set-up (you can also import your blogs from other aggregators), I recommend that you sort them into categories. Then you can start scanning the new posts daily (above) – Feedly doesn't list the blogs that have no new posts that day. Once you find a post that interests you, click on the title to read the whole thing.

My Feedly page: An opened blog that I want to read and perhaps share
After opening a post, you'll see icons along the top for the sites where you can share it (above). I use Google+, Facebook, and Twitter the most. One click on an icon leads you to a pop-up (below) where you can type in a sentence or two and choose your account (if you have more than one) on that social media site and share it directly to your timeline, FB biz page, Twitter, etc.

My Feedly page: The Facebook pop-up

Now you're done! It takes me 20-30 minutes each day to keep up with trends, news, and discussions in my writing world and pass along the good stuff to my followers and writer-friends. 

Whether you want to share for professional reasons or just to friends, as a writer you will also want to share your colleagues' blog posts to benefit them.

Why not sign up for Feedly today? It's free? You'll save yourself much time in learning about your interests, keeping current as a professional writer, and building your tribe.