Wednesday, January 16, 2013


If you enjoy reviewing books, say on Goodreads or your blog, 
and appreciate free copies, this post is for you!

About two months ago I discovered and I confess to being addicted to the site already. Here top publishers offer ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) of their upcoming releases to reviewers, librarians, educators, bloggers, etc., to read, with the condition that you write a review somewhere useful. Fiction and nonfiction, adult and children's books - you name it, NetGalley's got it.

All you have to do is sign up - it's free - and complete your profile. The latter is important as the publishers look at where you review and then decide if they will send you the ARC. Here too is the location where you choose categories that you prefer to review.

You need to have an ereader to take advantage of these opportunities as the ARCs are only delivered as ebooks. However, they come in digital formats compatible with the top ereaders, so if you have a Kindle, a Kobo, a Nook, a Sony, an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone, you'll be set to go.

You can browse the publishers, categories, and titles from NetGalley's home page before you sign up; I think there are probably thousands!! Also I have been happy with the instructions and guidelines on the site, especially about creating your profile so you entice publishers to send you an ARC. It worked almost too well for me....

I love getting the books by my favourite authors before they are published. And now my only problem is time - my TBR pile may be virtual but it's tall!
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