Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today I sent the final edition of The Beacon e-newsletter. Bitter-sweet, yes; timely, definitely.

For the last thirteen years I wrote and edited The Beacon for over 1000 subscribers. In the past year, just under 14 percent opened the newsletter, a disappointing number. Most readers had clearly transferred their allegiance to the Beacon Blog, the BLS Facebook biz page, and the BLS Twitter account. So obviously technology has changed how we all read info that interests us.

This decision does NOT signal the end to the articles, editorials, info, and forthcoming events that you have come to expect from Beacon Literary Services.

No need to mourn! From now on, the articles written by me and our professional editor, Joyce Gram, will be available on the Beacon Blog. There will be room for more articles from other experts on the business of getting published in an industry  changing at light-speed and, of course, the info you need about recommended forthcoming workshops and conferences.

If you want to be certain you don't miss anything, sign up for Google Reader and subscribe to so you can read your favourite blogs all in one place whenever they post new material.

You can access  the newsletter archive at the BLS website at for the next year and I am available most days to answer your questions at