Friday, July 20, 2012


After attending a workshop that presented the value of throughlines for novel writing, I have been applying the concept to my articles, travel articles to be more precise.

Instead of about five throughlines for a book, I'm using one per article. I've always liked to ground my articles with a person, event, or artifact, but I now expand that idea into my throughline that moves from start to finish and holds the piece together. It is different from the theme.

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For example, my last travel piece carried the theme of a Canadian province's beginnings. The throughline was a river cruise that allowed me to interlace a present day tourist opportunity and the destination with the history. The result was more interesting than a typical travel article.

I am very pleased with the tool and have decided that all my articles in future will have a throughline. They are the threads that weave through our stories to provide the forward momentum that keeps a reader reading. 

QUESTIONS: Do you use throughlines in articles? If so, how do you make them work for you?