Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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In Vancouver Canada anyway, there is reasonably-priced legal help for writers, authors, and photographers, etc. available through The Artists' Legal Outreach. This is a group of volunteer lawyers and law students who work with artists of all kinds.

For a donation, creators can get advice on contracts, copyright, and all the other issues that plague writers sooner or later. The organization also offers workshops, clinics, and resources that provide info on many aspects of our work.

I haven't had to use this service, so cannot recommend it, but it's long overdue given the impecunious state of most writers. As few creators know much about legal matters, The Artists' Legal Outreach is a welcome addition to our writing community. If anyone has tried it, please comment below.

You can learn more about the organization at www.artistslegaloutreach.ca.

Question: Does your city have a similar legal service for writers?
Find out and post the organization's name and contact info for others in the comment section below.
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