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The top three reasons that writers should engage actively in social media are undeniable:
  • Our in-person reach when promoting our titles is very limited; online it's global.
  • Our ability to tell stories in writing is ideal for Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.
  • Promotion is all about relationships.
Even with all the pro-arguments for social media, most unpublished authors fall into two categories over it.
Those who have never tried it (46%) and those who don't want to try it (46%). These are unscientific figures from the TWUC's seminar, March 2012 that I attended. Less than ten percent of the unpublished love social media and the majority of those are under 35. But the over 70s who ARE published have embraced it. Hmm! That tells us something.

Writers in the first two categories are usually held back by fear and intimidation of the technologies. But most admit that they want to learn. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The best way to begin using social media is with one site. (Don't try and learn them all at once.) Choose either Twitter or Facebook and get to know how it works. I would suggest Twitter as it is very easy - Start slowly by signing up and connecting with some colleagues. Build your following from there. Interact with them by "replying" to their tweets, don't just post. Get the hang of it. If necessary get someone to show you how.

Once you're comfortable with one, start learning another social media site like Facebook. And so on. My next post tackles the next step - your social media plan.

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