Friday, February 17, 2012


For a while now I have been banging on about multiplying your tribe of fans and colleagues to increase your online visibility and that of other writers. I'm talking here about spreading their info, not yours, on your Facebook biz page, your Twitter, and your blogs.

But there's more, lots more, that most writers can and should do:
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  • Freelance writers should be spreading the love by retweeting their magazines/ezines tweets - your editors will see your interest in them and appreciate it. Also keeps your name out front.
  • Published authors can retweet their publishers' tweets. Creates feelings that you care about them, not just you and your book. After all, if they do well, so will you.
  • Instead of lists for #FF (Follow Friday) and #WW (Writers Wednesday), etc., choose a couple of colleagues each week and give a reason why others should follow them. This has a far higher conversion rate into new followers for your peers than just Twitter names: #WW @goodwriter, @travelbug, etc.
  • Spread your markets' Facebook entries with the "Share" button.
  • Link your colleagues' blogposts to your Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Invite colleagues to write a guest post for your blog or a piece for your e-newsletter.
These suggestions are but a few -- I'm sure you can think of more. Spreading the love will grow your followers (aka platform) faster than any other method and build goodwill with your markets and editors. Hopefully, your colleagues and editors will do the same for you too.
Name of the game: GIVE LOTS!
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