Sunday, February 26, 2012


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I have been writing and publishing my work for nearly 42 years now. During that period, the changes from portable typewriters to computers, print to electronic, and mail to online communication continue to amaze and delight me, but I've had to keep up with every one or lose my currency as an author, freelancer, and photographer.

When I started as a freelancer in 1971, few workshops, seminars, or writers' conferences existed. Nowadays, at least in southern British Columbia, I could probably take in an event each week and certainly each month, so prolific have these offerings become. 

Every year, I make sure I attend at least two events that keep me abreast of the technologies I use to write, promote, and publicize my work, as well as hone my craft. However, at this stage of my career, I'm choosy. I want leading edge material, especially in the world of promotion and publicity, because I follow the trends closely.

This week is my pro-d week. I'm attending The Writers' Union of Canada's annual one-day seminar, "How to be Your Own Publicist" and the Travel Media Association of Canada-BC Chapter's day-long conference, "Defining Your Market and Refining Your Message." (I also attend a critique group regularly.)

I promise to blog what I learn for you all.

QUESTIONS: What pro-d do you do as a writer? How do you choose it?
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