Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Facebook biz (fan) pages can reach 890 million readers. Your personal timeline reaches only your "friends" who probably number a hundred or so and may not be readers/writers. Additionally, most of us have our privacy settings tightly buttoned up. Think very hard about these figures if you are a writer, emerging or published, who wants to build a platform or needs to promote your titles.

Soon after I joined FB several years ago, I realized that many of my family and friends around the world were politely bored with my "writer's life" posts and not interested in my books' reviews or their sales figures. I was inadvertently "spamming" my loved ones with self-promotion. Not good! Think hard about this reality too.

When the light-bulb came on, I promptly divorced these two FB lives of mine and created a brand as a writer and coach towards publication and set up my first biz page.The biggest benefit is that these pages are public and capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of like-minded creatives and readers of your genre or nonfiction subject. And, the second benefit is the "store" that sells my books for writers on this biz timeline, which I can't and won't do on my blog.

What a difference this has made to my visibility as a published author and freelance writer. But most importantly I engage with my colleagues, clients, and readers by providing guidance, stories, and useful news, as well as responding to their questions, successes, and fears. Long reach doesn't happen quickly here though - you have to be active on FB for the long haul. But it's well worth it!

Separate your personal and professional life on Facebook NOW!!
... Ideally start before you get published ...

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