Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Not one wish actually, but six that are all to do with my current beef with commercial publishers, also known as traditional, royalty-paying publishers. And one wish for Amazon.
It's time for some changes to keep up with market trends surrounding my published books and my reading habits.

I wish publishers would:
  1. Lower bestselling authors' e-book prices.
  2. Offer my e-versions at a lower price point.
  3. Pay me a higher percentage royalty for my e-book sales. Remember, I get 70% for my self-published e-books sales and need an incentive to stay in or join your tribe as an author. 
  4. Speed up the publishing process so my books are available sooner.
  5. Promote my books better online. I do my bit, please, do yours. Read Unmarketing by Scott Stratten.
  6. Create a standardized format for ALL e-readers. Pleeeeeeeeeease ... you can do it!
I also wish Amazon would hurry up and make Kindle ebooks available for library lending in Canada and stop making other e-retailers their prey (here). Oops, that's two!

Question: What's your writer's wish for Christmas and New Year 2012?
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