Thursday, November 10, 2011


About a year ago a study came out that said the largest group buying and using e-readers were the over 55 year-olds. Today, I went to a local library's e-reader launch to see for myself who would show up.

The 30-odd participants who came included:
  • one 11 year-old was with her mother and not interested
  • one was about 20
  • 2-3 were over 40
  • the rest were between 70 and 85 with one over 90.
The seniors were technologically savvy and definitely the  keenest attendees. They wanted to try the e-readers to see if they could increase the font size enough to be able to read biographies and mysteries and to learn how to borrow books from Library to Go, the BC Library Association's website for audio and e-books.

The 20-35s read on their smart phones and tablets, not much on e-readers.

Not a scientific sample, but it did bear out what the study said last year.

QUESTION: What implications does this have for you, an author?
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