Saturday, July 02, 2011


Members of Goodreads, a large online community of voracious readers and authors, can now sell their e-books on the site. The catch is that Goodreads only allows you to upload books for sale in ePub format.  However, if you have published your books using Smashwords, you can download your book's ePub file from SWords to your hard drive and then upload it to Goodreads.

First, you must obviously join Goodreads and complete your profile. Next, sign up as an author and input your titles. These will be listed on your dashboard and beside each book is "Add ebook." Click on it to start moving through the simple process of selecting how you wish to be paid, choosing the ePub file to upload, selecting a price or opting to make the title free, etc.

Your e-book will be available for purchase in two hours or less. EPub books can be read online and on any e-reader that is compatible with ePub titles - for example, Kobo, Nook and Sony e-readers.

As an author, it is good sense to position your books where those who love books hang out together ....

QUESTIONS: Have you done this already? How did it go? How are your sales?

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