Thursday, December 30, 2010


Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseBEACON FLASH # 49 - January 2011

Thanks to Author Tech Tips for tweeting and The Wise Guy blog, I opened a Facebook Fan Page for Beacon Literary Services. In less than a week, I more than tripled the traffic visiting my blog and website combined.

To get the skinny on this and how to do it, visit I got 25 "friends' to "like" the fan page within about an hour and was then able to secure the username (URL) I wanted for my BLS Fan Page. I asked for and got: up is free whereas most websites cost something to create and you have to pay for domain hosting, at least.

I like the instant results, the immediate comments and discussions, and the fact that I can reach writers of all stripes who use FB. There are 400 million FB users, enough to make it the third largest country in the world. Tens of thousands out in the FB world are writers and everytime they interact with my Fan Page, they spread the word to their social contacts who are likely to be writers too. No wonder, my hits are so high!!

Think what a Fan Page would do for each of your books!! Free viral marketing! And you get the analytics on each post. But there's even more - authors can sell their books on their fan page too under the tab "Shop Now." Take a look at mine at to see what you can do and, once there, click on "Browse categories" and see the three I set up. Magic!

QUESTION: What are you waiting for?

Please note: there will be no February Beacon Flash - I'm in South Africa on a trip of a lifetime. The next Beacon e-newsletter will be out on March 1.
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