Friday, July 23, 2010


Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

This morning I awoke to two linked items of news.
First announced that they are now selling more e-books than hardcover print titles.
Second, was a full page feature in the Vancouver Sun and LA Times on how e-readers are changing the publishing game. And it is the latter that all authors and aspiring authors must read because reading is moving from a solitary activity to a social one. As well, e-books on e-readers like iPad can be full of colour illustrations, videos, audio, and links that amplify the story, subjects, and settings. The possibilities for authors are limitless; the opportunities for readers, thrilling. And both can interact in a second. Publishers like Simon & Schuster says it will be transformational. I think it's eye-opening, especially if you write for the younger crowd under 21.

To read about how the world is changing in publishing, visit,0,106596.story

QUESTION: What are you doing to make your books e-reader friendly?

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