Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Apple unveiled its new iPad this morning. It looks like a magazine-sized iPhone, but is a cross between a computer, a 3G phone, and an e-reader. WiFi only version - US$499; WiFi + 3G - US$829.

An excerpt from of Apple's launch today of interest to authors who publish e-books:
iBooks is the app for reading books. (It looks a lot like Classics for the iPhone.) Within the app you can download e-books from the iTunes e-book store.
Five of the largest publishers are on board: Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, Macmillan, Penguin, Hachette
“We’re very excited about this.”

Now he’s demoing the iBook app. It’s a bookshelf. It flips around to reveal the iTunes Store (kind of like a room behind a secret wall.) Tapping a book on the shelf launches a nice, pretty-looking page. Swiping left or right turns pages. You can change the font size if you’d like. Bigger or smaller. Change the font. “We use the EPUB format. It is the most popular open book format in the world.”