Sunday, January 17, 2010


This weekend, the buzz was all about Apple's long-awaited  answer to e-readers (Amazon's Kindle and the Sony Reader). The Globe and Mail newspaper devoted a two-page spread in the Report on Business on Saturday, January 16/10. Following its usual position, Apple has not even acknowledged that they have an e-reader under development, letting the anticipation boil over.

Hyped as the Kindle Killer, the iSlate (a predicted name) is said to be bigger, better, and much more like a computer with very different technology driving its performance. It's more a cross between a netbook, a reader, and an iPhone. Estimates claim it will retail for about US$1000.00. If all the speculation is correct, the iSlate is an apple (!) to the oranges that are Kindle and Sony Readers. You cannot, maybe should not, compare them....

You can see an artist's impression of the device and read the speculation and hype about the iSlate here: