Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Authors need to know the results of the latest survey on those who use social media. The Nielsen Company ran it in August this year, 2009.
Bottom line: those aged 35 to 64 make up over half of all users on Facebook and Twitter. The over 65s are active too.The teens and Gen Ys are way behind at 25%.
Moral to the story: if you write books for adults, Facebook and Twitter must now be an integral part of your promotion campaign.
Example: since I started tweeting in June 2009, my book sales of Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors have increased 250%.

Now some perspective on the stats: twenty-five percent of 300 million is still 75 million and not to be lightly dismissed by YA and childrens authors.

For more on the survey, visit http://www.bnet.com/2403-13237_23-366331.html?promo=854&tag=nl.e854