Saturday, October 17, 2009


I've always enjoyed launching my books and yesterday I did it a new way. Instead of alone, I launched my latest teen biography in the company of about 25 other children's writers and illustrators at the CWILL BC Fall Book Harvest. All of them have had new books published this year and their books made a colourful spread for everyone to browse.

James Douglas: Father of British Columbia got a great start in life. Authors had table displays and poster, as well as an opportunity to give a 90 second pitch to school students. About 30 teens listened to mine and I presented a copy of the book to a lucky winner. His name turned out to be Douglas too and he was thrilled. He said, "It was meant to be!"

Teachers and teacher-librarians showed interest in JD and several bought copies. I enjoyed talking to them and their students. I also believe a school won me! That means I go and give a talk and a reading to the social studies classes...

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