Monday, June 08, 2009


With four weeks to go, now is the time to select and register for some workshops in SFU's Summer Publishing Workshop series.

They offer emerging and experienced writers and editors a chance to learn from and work with more than 100 of Canada's top editor
s, writers, marketers, designers, publishers, and new media moguls. They challenge and guide the participants through one of the most intense and valuable educational experiences available in the publishing industry.

This year SPW is again hosting the widely popular Symposium of the Book, which focuses on From Memories to Memoir, an all day session at $75. In addition to this, individuals can choose from 44 other workshops across the disciplines of writing, editing books, promoting your work, magazines, design and new media.

I try to take one or two sessions every
year and recommend SPW. The program is held at SFU's downtown campus. You'll find the details at where you can also download the full program in.pdf.

SPW points writers in the right direction!
Four happy authors in 2008