Wednesday, April 29, 2009


BEACON FLASH #36 - May 2009

Writers dreaming of getting their first book published often don't have a crystal-clear idea of how the industry works, which hampers realistic expectations. The industry is complex and confusing for anyone at the outset of a writing career.

I have found a wizard blog that helps, not just for unpubbbed authors, but even for those who have already been published. Written by US agent Kristin, it covers trends, dissects query letters, and demonstrates what captivates publishers and why. Plus much more.

Last week, she was blogging from the London Book Fair and her comments on what publishers are seeking for their lists are a worthwhile read.

Her own pitch of a first novel for a client to a New York editor is an edifying example all writers can follow when querying a publisher's editor directly. The letter shows how crucial a fresh angle and voice are for fiction, as well as a bio para that reassures the publisher the author is a good bet. Read it and Kristen's analysis at

Kristin's blog is called Pub Rants, as in publishing rants, not the British watering hole, and there is much to gain from a prolonged prowl around her site. I recommend it to writers of most genres.