Sunday, April 05, 2009


Learned yesterday (April 4/09), thanks to the SF Canada listserve: is deleting book reviews that have the review writer's own titles included.

This is what it means. If you sign your reviews with "Author of ....." or mention in the body of the review that you "...wrote [title]" your review will go. If you added a link to a website, even to an Amazon book page, your review will disappear too. And, with no notice - just pulled! This apparently also applies to any comments you add to a review written by others.'s policy relayed to a SF Canada member:"Our participation guidelines don't allow customers to promote their own titles in their reviews." I went looking for this regulation but failed to find it.

What I chose to do was edit all the reviews I have written because I don't want any authors to lose positive reviews on their books, which effects rankings. No word yet if has the same rules; however, just in case they follow suit, I edited my reviews there too.

Surely listing another book that Amazon sells would only enhance the click-throughs to everyone's benefit, including Amazon's?