Monday, March 30, 2009


BEACON FLASH #35 - April 2009

My home is an irresistible magnet to books of all kinds. The walls in our bedrooms, hallways, and living spaces have floor to ceiling shelves crammed with books we cannot live without; most are old friends between hard covers. However, it is the numerous paperbacks we attract that cause real problems for my husband and I. We acquire far too many and often simply do not want to keep them. What to do with them all? Hospitals are swamped; second-hand outlets often decline the mass-market variety; and my reader friends, likely as not, have read
them.Well, here’s my solution. I release them into the wild using

Over five million books are travelling the world alone after an owner has registered them on the website and dropped them off at a train station, an airport, or even at a concert. I usually release mine at a local rec centre but have been much more inventive on occasion. Bookcrossing is free to join.

Once a member of Bookcrossing, you register each book and receive a number for it; then you enter your planned release location. After printing off free bookplates, you add the ID # to one and stick it on the book’s first blank page. Et voila! The fun starts when a like-minded recipient picks up the book and enters its location on the website and releases it again after reading it, thus continuing the process.

One of my books made its way across Europe from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and is presently visiting Iran. How about that! Bookcrossing is just one way your books can live many lives and give hours of pleasure.

If you have discovered more ways of recycling your books, please comment below and share your insights with the followers of this blog.…