Friday, January 16, 2009


I have spent the past five months endeavouring to get my bestselling book for writers into Chapters online catalogue. It took three to squeeze an answer out of them to my first email. When that finally plopped into my inbox, I had to complete a questionnaire about Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors, sort of proof that it was worthy of their notice. If they thought it was, Chapters-Indigo would give Beacon Publishing a vendor’s account.

I jumped through all their hoops but lost the game: “Your book does not meet our needs, so we will not be carrying it, either in our bookstores or in our online catalogue. By all means, visit our stores and talk to the managers who will probably be delighted to shelve it on consignment and invite you to do book signings.”

Given that Book Magic is especially written for Canadian writers, why is our national bookseller not interested? And, furthermore, how does Chapters suppose that I, who live in Vancouver, can get to their Halifax store to pitch my book and regularly service the account? Toronto’s several stores? Even Kelowna is a stretch for me.

Why is it, I have no difficulty getting Amazon to list ALL my books in their online catalogue and see them sell?

Thanks for the rant...