Thursday, September 25, 2008


Writer's groups are a wonderful route to success. Five members of mine, the Port Moody group, had books published between June and September this year. This is an astonishing number, nearly one third of the members, and their works range from nonfiction to fiction, young adult fantasy to an eclectic collection of short stories, and a mystery.

Not only do we celebrate, as this photo shows, but we also commiserate when rejections pile up. We critique, we rewrite, we edit, we promote. We really help each other improve our craft and don't forget the art of pitching.

If you are not already
enjoying the benefits of a writers' group, you should consider joining either a live or online group--they make a world of difference to your career.

Congratulations to Eileen, Marja, Casey, & Debra

Julie H. Ferguson is missing from the image as she was behind the camera
(c) Julie H. Ferguson 2008

The local media picked up our success.