Monday, July 14, 2008


I've spent a frustrating week dealing with Amazon. I know! So what's new?

First off, I was inspired to upload my seven e-books so they can be listed for the KindleTM catalogue. Amazon is even encouraging authors to do so but, I soon discovered, I reside in the wrong place and my Canadian citizenship fails to meet their criteria. You have to live in the US for Amazon to allow you to upload e-books. Boo! (That is not the word I actually used!!)

Second, I tried to upgrade my Amazon Advantage (for publishers) account, which I've had since 2000, at their request. It took six days to sort out. Each day I got another email from them asking for info I had already provided--seemingly I was writing to a machine that could only manage one piece of data at a time. Their formula email message told me not to reply to it but go back to the feedback form on the website. When I asked for someone to phone me, it was as if I'd asked for the Taj Mahal! Perhaps Amazon does not own a phone. But my request to speak to a real person finally bore some fruit and the virtual staff suddenly fixed my account.

This tale of woe is yet another reason to vent about Amazon! As if we hadn't been dealing with enough already regarding the decision to only list self-pubbed books that have been printed with BookSurge.

Thanks for the rant!!