Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Figuring out how much you should charge for your work depends on several factors:
  • your skill level, experience, and reputation
  • type of assignment (magazine, speech, corporate report, etc)
  • amount of work required (research, interviews, etc.)
  • length of project and the time it takes
  • the rights being purchased

That said, here are some guidelines to help you set a value on your writing in Canada:

  • Magazines (large consumer): $1.00-2.00/word
  • Newspapers (large dailies): $0.30-2.00/word
    (community): 10c-50c/word
  • Online: free to $3.00/word - corporate work pays higher, eg. web site text
  • Ghost writing - 2-3 times your normal rate
  • Newsletter (text only): $1.00-2.00/word
We all sell ourselves short at one time or another and sometimes choose to write pro bono, but we need to remember that we are professional writers and deserve a realistic fee. Settling for less means we undermine our and our colleagues' value.

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