Friday, April 20, 2007


Some POD companies look cheaper than others, but when you crunch the numbers you may be surprised. They all package their services differently so they are difficult to compare. Company #1 may have a low fee but refer you to a variety of outside suppliers for the services you need. Company #2 charges more up front but handles every service in-house.

Here's what Doug Matthews's research showed this week:

After doing some more research on companies #1 and #2, I think I will be going with #2 to do a reprint and improved perfect-bound look. I talked it over with their rep and also investigated #1. Although at first glance #1 would appear cheaper, I don't really think they are. They refer you to their preferred suppliers for absolutely everything you need done. For example to get a good edit, a separate re-format (each different companies), plus get promo, etc, etc., they piecemeal it out so all the individual costs add up to almost the same as #2. Plus it is not all managed by one central person so I would have more doubts about it being done correctly. One small error and you might be screwed. Some of the options are also not available to Canadians.

#2 will also ship directly to third parties so, by my calculations, with the same average number of books sold per year, I will basically make the same amount of money as I do now, and thanks to the lower print cost, their initial cost will be covered fairly quickly by commissions. Oh yes, #2 has weekly shipments to Amazon so they cover the shipping costs and do not bill me out of commissions. This is great, because the shipping essentially ate up any profit with Amazon before.

Thanks for this, Doug.
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